Magic / &mkz

2015.5.13 / Jazzy Beat Records

1 : Magic
2 : Switch


All Tracks Produced by &mkz
Designed by Ayumi Nagareda

Naked / &mkz

2015.4.15 / Jazzy Beat Records

1 : Naked feat. Chihiro >>> Lyrics
2 : Crescent


All Tracks Produced by &mkz / M1 : Vocal & Lyrics – Chihiro | E.Piano & Cowrite – Yoko Yamazaki
Designed by Ayumi Nagareda

From My Playlist / &mkz

2014.10.29 / Jazzy Beat Records

1 : The Unfinished Love Affair
2 : Free
3 : Next Summer of Love
4 : Disco feat. Lil Sokz
5 : Girls
6 : Digital Tattoo

All Tracks Produced by &mkz
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at I.N.U.STUDIO
Designed by Ayumi Nagareda



– comments –

When a musician produce music for themselves and not for the audience, they will understand their true identity for the first time.
Since we live in a period with many possibilities, it is always the best to find our own way.
&mkz music is that “key” to my journey.


Jun Inoue a.k.a. Silky Voice(Producer)


“From My Playlist” portrays a nice feeling of DANCE MUSIC.
It has been 15 years ever since I first met &mkz.
I was able to tell that he was having a time of his life by producing this new album by just looking into his eyes.
I am wondering what kind of songs will be featured in his next playlist!

「From My Playlist」、気持ちよいDANCE MUSICが届きました。

Gyo Kitagawa(Song Writer / BSM inc.)


I was able to help produce the graphics for his new album.
Although the cover may seem digital and “copy and pasted”, I actually spent a dedicated time hand-working the features.
While walking or boarding a train, I really hope everyone will enjoy &mkz’s music!


Ayumi Nagareda (Graphic Designer)


&mkz has a bright personality and he is also very stylish.
Although his music leans towards an electronic sound, he still maintains the rich human-like sound.
His music just makes me want to party!


Hisaya Hojo(ScapeRec,Tokyo)


When I press the play button, it honestly feels like an new interior has been added into my room!
His songs are really cool especially the track “Free”!
Although &mkz is working in a busy schedule, he was able to successfully find time to release one of his biggest projects.
I am looking forward to his future projects! Congratulations!


Taroma Koshida(Guitarist)


When I first met &mkz, he was a soul guitarist.
After several years, he suddenly became a lyricist. His polyhedron character always impress me.
His new electronic album is truly the combination of his hard work as a lyricist, composer and arranger.
The cut-up of the vocals in his songs takes me to a whole new world.


Yoko Yamazaki(Keyboardist / Laranja)